Garbage Disposal Unit w Lemons

1. If Things Keep Going Down the Drain, It’s Not Clogged

Ironically, this myth is not true. Clogs can be stealthy – they can form in any drain without you even knowing! A good indicator of a potential drain clog is if the water pressure or water flow seems different. Slow drainage, gurgling noises, or a noticeable stench are also all signs of a potential blockage.

2. Running Water While Running the Garbage Disposal Means You Can Put Anything in It

This common myth is also not true. There is a long list of items that should never be put down your garbage disposal. Egg shells, banana peels, potato shavings, bread, rice and coffee grounds are all items many people believe are safe to put in the disposal, however, they can cause damage that even running water can not prevent.

3. Grinding lemons will freshen and clean the garbage disposal

It is true that grinding a lemon peel in the disposal may make it smell good, however it can cause a blockage. An alternative would be to only squeeze the lemon juice into the drain, rather than throwing the whole peel in. Another common lemon myth is that the lemon peel has the power to clean the disposal blade. This is also false! A better, easy way to quickly clean a garbage disposal is to use warm water, soap, and a cleaning brush to gently scrub the blades. Remember to always cut the power supply of the disposal before doing so!

4. Hair Will Not Clog A Bathtub or Shower Drain

This is another common false myth. Hair has the power to clog even the widest of drains! The daily buildup of loose whiskers and lost hairs mixed with the lather of soap can cause a sticky blockage. A good way to tell your drain is clogged with hair is if it is draining slowly. Mild hair clogs can be solved with a quick, cheap home remedy of warm water, baking soda, and white vinegar.

5. Most Plumbing Tasks Are Easy to Do Yourself

While most plumbing issues appear to be an easy fix you can do yourself, it is always better and safer to have a professional plumbing technician scope out the problem. Heartland Plumbing is always here to help you with any plumbing issues you may have. Call us today at 913-856-5846, or send us a note to schedule an appointment!