How Our Service Department Works

1. You call us at 913.856.5846

2. We quote you a price either on the phone or in person

3. You accept OR deny service (no charge if you deny)

4. We perform the work

5. You sign off approving the work that was done to your satisfaction

6. We collect after you are completely satisfied

We perform all types of tasks ranging from flapper repair, to full repairs and remodels. Customer Service is #1 when you call Heartland Plumbing.


We take care of all repairs including any plumbing system in your home, water, waste or gas.


From maintenance on strip malls, restaurants, and high rises, to service contracts where we can have plumbers readily available for your individual plumbing system to save you from any cost of downtime in your business.


We will show up absolutely free and give you a price for repairs not charging you a dime.

Drain Cleanings / Sewer Cameras

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Toilet / Urinal Repair & Replacement

Repair, Replace or Installation of Gas Lines, Water Lines, and Waste/Sewer Lines

New Buildings / Additions / Remodels

Backflow Prevention Installation and Tests

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Underground Repairs & Installations

Med Gas Lines Certified

Meet Your Service Technicians




Service Technician

Brandon 2018!

Meet Your Service Manager



Service Manager 2023

Brandon is now our service manager!