• Drain water heater once a year to remove sediment.
  • Do not use excessive strength to shut off faucets.
  • Do not let your faucets run while brushing your teeth.
  • Keep lids on toilets down to stop, foreign objects like toys from being deposited. No shelves above the toilet if possible!
  • Take all outside garden hoses off when not in use, especially in the winter.
  • Test sump pumps once a month by pouring water in to make sure the pump is working and remove debris inside.
  • Watch how high the thermostat is set on water heater. Too high and it could burn someone. If you can hold your hand under the tap for seven seconds without removing it – water temperature is okay. Remember that elderly and small children will have a slower reaction time.
  • Know where your main water shut off valve is located in your home.
  • Turn off water while on vacation.
  • Replace washer hoses every two years.
  • If your house is on a septic system, do not flush female hygiene products or dead fish down the drain.
  • Be very careful pouring drain cleaner down drains.
  • Insure you have heat tape on exposed piping. Check heat tape for function.
  • On very cold winter days, open up base cabinet and kitchen base cabinet doors.
  • Always unplug garbage disposal before working on it.
  • Exercise main stop every six months.
  • Vacuum around the base of water heaters to remove dust.
  • Put a cap of vinegar in your basement drain once a month during the summertime to keep it from clogging up from the A/C condensate build up.
  • Replace all clean out caps that may have been broken from lawn mowers.
  • Know what you can and can not put down a garbage disposal. Putting too much in it is one of the fastest ways to break your disposal.
  • During cold weather months, keep garage door closed.
  • Exterior faucets drain from the inside. Turn off then allow water to drain out. Do not use excessive force to close – this will damage faucet insides.

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  • Vacuum around the base of water heaters to remove dust.
  • Exercise stops every six months.
  • Check hot water temperature.
  • Make sure your floor drains have water in them to avoid a sewer gas smell.
  • In restaurants, have an accessible trash can with a lid for women to dispose of their feminine products so they do not dispose of them down the toilet.
  • Make sure the handicap protectors on pipes are intact to prevent tampering.
  • Keep urinal screens in urinals.
  • Keep strainers in floor sinks at all times to avoid large objects being pushed down.
  • Do not put coffee grinds in disposals.
  • Every six months, make sure all toilets are secure to floor.
  • Replace batteries on sensor based fixtures.

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