Previously Asked Questions
Q: Should I try chemicals to open the clog before calling a plumber?

A: No. Some chemicals are very corrosive and can harm your plumbing system.

Q: My water bill has gotten higher and higher over the past few months. Is something wrong?

A: If your habits in water usage have not changed, there are several diagnostic possibilities. You could have a leaking faucet, toilet, or it could be a leak in the outside water line.

Q: I have had my sewer line cleaned before and the plumber said that there were no obstructions but I may have a belly in my line. What is a belly and how can I fix it so the line does not get clogged again?

A: A belly is a place in the pipe lines that has settled, which causes a natural place for solids to collect. The only way to fix this problem is to excavate and remove the settled portion of the line and install gravel under the new portion, this will prevent any future problems.

Q: I have noticed a leak in my ceiling but it is not there all of the time. It seems like it only happens when a long shower was taken in the bathroom above it. Is there something I can do to fix it myself?

A: First, inspect the shower walls to see if there are any visible cracks that water could seep through. If there is, either re-grout or caulk the area(s). Other possibilities for water in the ceiling could be the wax ring on the toilet may need to be replaced, the waste line assembly on the tub may need to be repaired or replaced, or there could be a water line leaking inside of the wall.

Q: If my shower head is dripping, can I fix that by installing a new shower head?

A: No, the problem is in the shower faucet, not the head.

Q: My child put a toy down the toilet but is is still flushing. Should I worry about this or will the toilet be ok?

A: Most likely the toy did not make it all the way through the toilet. Nine times out of ten the toilet will flush a few times, but then the toilet paper will get caught up on the toy. The best solution is to get the toy out of the toilet before it makes it into the pipes (which can be costly to remove).

Q: Is it ok to flush feminine products through the plumbing?

A: No, these cotton based products will grab on to the sidewalls of your underground waste plumbing and bunch up on each other to form massive drain clogs.

Q: I own a commercial building and every once in a while I can hear pipes banging in the ceiling. Is there anything that can be done or do I just live with the noise?

A: There is almost always a reason for noises in your plumbing. Call us to give you a free estimate to fix any noisy problems you encounter.